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    yea how do you lvl in game and i am 52 now but i really feel everting i do to get exp is going soo slow any tips you have if you are over 60 or somthing

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    It depends on if you have ambers or not, like everything in this game. If you use ambers somewhat regularly, then you can use EXP scrolls (at appropriate times, eg. when doing multi-player dungeons) and EXP fairies, etc., to level fairly quickly. But I don’t know so much about the details, because I’ve never used ambers. There are probably better sources to discuss this, if it’s relevant. I haven’t even got these, so I have little interest in looking too far into the other rewards for spending:

    Protocols of the etc.
    Or indeed

    However, in terms of the gameplay itself, there are a few important sources of EXP. It can still be slightly slow. Multi-player dungeons are a major EXP source, and so is completing Daily tasks (more of these open up as you level). You can get some EXP for blitzing or doing materials dungeons, as well. Your faction’s Holy Blessing event will give you EXP in many ways, including just staying in the temple while it’s going on. Mining, or leaving your character idle in the Holy City, can give you some EXP, but this is eventually not that much compared to how much you need to level. It might still be useful in the lower 50s, but I’m not sure because I never bothered mining back then (and on early S3 people in the mines were often killed anyway.) You can also try the tasks laid out in ‘quest tracking,’ since some of those can give you a lot of EXP. Generally, doing those tasks and most dailies should be enough to increase your level in one or two days at most, during the mid-50s. It is a slog, though, but eventually you have many other things to focus on.

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