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How do I set up a tent stove in a tent?

Forums Dark Omen Discussions How do I set up a tent stove in a tent?

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    How do I set up a tent stove in a tent?

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    First of all you need a good stove for that. I recommend this amazing mini tent stove I trust the most. The main feature of the “Caminus S” stove is that the side walls are made from heat-resistant ceramic glass. This glass offers superior heat emission compared to conventional steel and also serves as an additional light source inside the tent. So, simply give it a try

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    Don’t! Tent are flammable! And the plastic melts and wraps u in basically polycarbon lava. Ouch! Plus carbon monoxide poisoning COOK OUTSIDE

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    Many manufacturers advise rolling back the groundsheet of the tent and setting the burner directly on the ground. To keep hot sparks from dropping on the tent, install a spark arrester at the top of the chimney. You should keep flammable materials away from the stove since it becomes quite hot.

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