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growth contest and mount stones

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    i love growth contest. so far all ive seen it have is wing, soul crystal and soul stones. why not mount stones. and if they have that please let me know. and any other i didnt mention. i have 9k mount stones saved up i wanna know if i should just use them and stop saving them… last thing if they dont have mount stone please suggest that.

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    Mount stones appeared a long time ago, but haven’t been in a growth contest for a while.

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    In the 5 months I’ve played I’ve only seen Mount Stones in Growth Contest once and it went up to 30k Stones used.

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    ooooooh wow nice to know mybe its every 6 months or so ill save my mount stones again ty. the bennifet of growth contest is to great to not save. wish i had seen this before i used them up lol at least with 9k i went to the next mount pet lol. ty anthea and which.

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