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Getting A Robot Vacuum? Pros And Cons You Should Know

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    All busy people have a common dream: having someone else do the chores at home. At least in one area, this dream has become a reality. Robot vacuums are a hot product right now when more and more advanced models at reasonable prices have been put out into the market.

    Despite their buggy birth, robot vacuums have evolved into a viable solution for many people. Manufacturers have integrated more smart features and improved the cleaning performance considerably.

    That said, these cleaning machines are still subject to many limitations and issues. A long way remains between them and the universal role in all households.

    As a prospective customer, you should do your research and learn about these automated machines before purchasing one. Here are some of the most notable strong points and downsides of robot vacuums everyone should be aware of so they can make a decision.

    Robot Vacuums Do All The Work For You

    This is the whole point of these little machines and also the main benefit that draws an influx of new customers who consider them as an alternative to traditional vacuum cleaners.

    Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, robot vacuums utilize a number of sensors and cameras to navigate around and clean your home. Their processors and operating systems can map the flooring and detect objects along the way.

    When they’re done with vacuuming, they can find their way back to their starting point. And the best part is all of this happens without the need for intervention from users.
    You can even set a schedule and don’t worry anymore about your home getting cleaned at a predefined time. Some recent robot vacuums even come with webcams, allowing users to watch the cleaning process remotely and control it if needed.

    This range of smart features is a big highlight of robot vacuums, setting them apart from older designs.

    You can set cleaning times with a smartphone app, view the flooring map of your house, track the cleaning progress, and establish allowed and forbidden zones for your robot vacuum. You can even highlight some areas of your house and require the robot to clean them more thoroughly.

    With a suitable model, you won’t have to manually vacuum anymore. Robot vacuums can even run as often as you’d like, meaning you can enjoy much fresher and cleaner floors with less time and effort.

    For people who can’t find time for this task, this is a godsend. You can finally have the chance to relax and wind down after a busy day.

    But The Results Aren’t As Good As Traditional Vacuums

    It’s time for you to hear the bad news. Robot vacuums aren’t a reliable solution to get rid of dirt and debris completely if this is your main concern.

    Tests and real-world experiences have shown that traditional designs like sticks and canisters outperform robot vacuums when it comes to cleaning performance. It doesn’t come as a surprise honestly as these machines can’t produce very powerful suction due to their limited sizes.

    Their motors can’t generate enough suction for deep cleaning. And even if they could, the small battery packs would severely limit the runtime.

    You’ll be disappointed if you expect a robot vacuum to pull off all the pet hair stuck on your high-pile carpets. The brushes can’t agitate surfaces and the containers can’t hold as much debris as full-sized vacuum cleaners. If things get unlucky, there is a chance your robot vacuum barely picks up anything from a high-traffic area rug.

    Robot Vacuums Can Get Into Hard-To-Reach Areas

    These machines feature a lower profile than regular models, allowing them to go tricky spots like under a sofa or bed. Unless you have very low-clearance furniture, those areas aren’t a problem for robot vacuums.

    The same thing can’t be said about canister or stick vacuums, which have a much bigger body. In order to clear dust and debris under furniture, you must lift and move it out of the way – a difficult (or even impossible) feat.

    The automatic nature of robot vacuums also comes in handy when you have a disability or injury. They’re an invaluable tool when your physical conditions prevent you from cleaning your house.

    But They Also Get Stuck A Lot

    The compact design doesn’t mean robot vacuums can sneak into every corner and get away with it. In most cases, they’re a “set and forget” machine. But there are also times when these vacuums need humans to rescue them.

    Thick rugs, door thresholds, and low-clearance furniture are places where robot vacuums can get stuck. That’s why Roomba brush not spinning is such a common problem.

    Stray items on the floors, like pet toys, phone charges, shoelaces, and clothes are also common problems. Robot vacuums can’t tell them apart from regular debris. They can suck them in, which can create a blockage.

    Most vacuums can detect when they’re stuck and need help. That’s why you should be home when your robot vacuum is vacuuming, in case of any issue that may happen with it.

    To avoid those problems, thoroughly check your floors and remove any big items that can choke your robot vacuum. When running into this issue, consult solutions from this guide, “Roomba brush not spinning – why it happens & what you can do to fix it”.


    Can robot vacuums replace traditional models? Instead of viewing those machines as a total replacement, you can use them as an extra tool in your arsenal against dust and debris.

    In most cases, don’t throw your old vacuum cleaner away. It can still come in handy in some situations.

    Robot vacuums can act as a daily cleaner that does light cleaning between more thorough sessions. You can activate them on a regular basis to pick up easy targets like some dust on hardwood floors.

    Robot vacuums can do a good job of removing a small amount of debris. But as awesome as they are, you still need a traditional vacuum to clean your carpets, rugs, and other dirty areas.

    This combination provides the best of both worlds, which still guarantees the best cleaning results and reduces the effort needed as much as possible.

    If you don’t know which machine can work in combination with your Roomba, check out suggestions from this guide, “How to get the best Dyson vacuum that’s worth the price”.

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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by  36338327.
    • This topic was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by  36338327.
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