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From where can I buy a gold chain for men?

Forums Technical issues From where can I buy a gold chain for men?

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    Golden jewellery involves a lot of manpower. However the manpower required depends on the design being implemented. Indian ethnic jewellery for women are very intricate and may require lot of manhours to finish a piece. The making charges of such Jewellery is quoted at say x per gm . That is if the rate is Rs 80 and the piece weighs 5 gm then the making charges arw Rs 400.

    Western Jewellery are generally manufactured using dies to press raw gold into a piece of jewellery. The process is almost mechanised and the cost goes in designing the jewellery , and manufacturing the dies. The making charges should be low.

    Mens gold chain generally fall under the later category of die moulded jewellery where the links of the chain are moulded in a die.

    Coming to the question of where to buy , i am not impressed by the dies available with the leading Jewellers in Bangalore

    I would suggest you check out the designs on online websites, indian as well as foreign. Then check out indian online shopping. Finally chek out Titan and Kerala based Jewellers.

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    Girls a question for you! I know that you love when you are given various decorations. Advise me of beautiful diamond jewelry for women. I need to make a present for my mom. She is a very nice person who has helped me all my life! I want to thank her with a small gift. What are trusted jewelry stores? I look forward to your answers!

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