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Fitbit – anyone (still) use one?

Forums Rise of Angels Discussions Fitbit – anyone (still) use one?

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    Hello! I think, like a lot of people including some on here I think, I had a Fitbit for Xmas, a Charge HR one to be exact.

    I know a lot of my mates did, as we’re all ‘friends’ on our Fitbit app.

    Does anyone actually stiff use theirs? I’m pretty fed up of mine.

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    Yes, I am! It is really cool!

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    Hey. I try to carefully monitor my health, as very often I put my body under quite a lot of stress. For this, on the advice of friends, I purchased a fitness tracker, which helps me very well. I ordered this device on the Fitbit website, as I read that they are one of the most reliable. But when I got this device, I couldn’t figure out how to use it properly, so I contact fitbit and they gave me great advice, which I was happy with.

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