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Events from October 4 – «Isolde’s summoner», «Angel’s Fortune» and «Hero Backstory»

Forums League of Angels 3 News Events from October 4 – «Isolde’s summoner», «Angel’s Fortune» and «Hero Backstory»

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    From October 4 to 5, the «Isolde’s Summoner» event is available for you.

    Complete various tasks and get rewarded for it.

    For completing some tasks, you will have a unique opportunity to exchange various game currency for useful items.

    You can get:

    • Parts of heroes
    • Recruitment Scroll
    • Various resources
    • and much more

    Don’t miss the opportunity to make your squad even stronger!

    From October 4 to 6, hit the jackpot at the «Angel’s Fortune»  event.

    The event is available for players from level 30 and above.

    Play the slot machine using Fortune Voucher.

    3 free Fortune Voucher are available daily, the rest can be obtained in various ways, including purchase for Diamonds.

    For each attempt you will receive a reward or Fortune Coin, which can be exchanged for useful items in the Coin Shop.

    The best rewards await those players who can receive special combinations.

    Available rewards:

    • Starfall Sigil
    • Dawn of Glory Sigil
    • Inscription Stone
    • Divine Sanctuary Gem
    • и многое другое

    Rewards may vary from event to event.

    Note: Fortune Coin and Fortune Voucher disappear after the event.

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    From October 5 to 9 you will be able to pass different history stages and to challenge the most famous game heroes in the «Hero Backstory» event. 

    Defeat monsters and get rewards for it!

    Attention: each stage can be completed only once. One pass attempt is available daily.

    You can get:

    • Fragments of heroes
    • Game currency
    • Various resources
    • and much more

    You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

    Have a nice game!

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