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    Almost all modern children learn from games and cartoons. I had an idea to develop an exciting game for our students at the institute, with the help of which students can play and gain knowledge in subjects. Help find developers of educational games.

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    It’s great what you want to do. After all, modern students are always sitting on their smartphones and it is difficult to make them learn the material. But with the help of the game, they will become interested in the plot and thus knowledge will accumulate.

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    Well, in general, it’s impossible to create an educational game for one person on his knee. For this, you need a whole staff of intelligent programmers, and hence you need money to pay them for their work. So this pleasure is not cheap and it takes time.

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    My opinion is that you rightly want the author of the topic to develop an educational video game https://whimsygames.co/services/educational-game-development/ for his students. After all, such educational computer games are special software that is designed to train and educate students in a game mode. Such games can be used both for educational and entertainment purposes.

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    In fact, the definition of such games is vague, but they are united by one feature – the player does not have direct control over the character, so he needs to write code to achieve the goal. Most often, it is advised to use visual programming for this.

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    Such games are now in demand for children. This not only develops thinking in children, but also educates them and gives them knowledge. Such a game should be as bright and colorful as possible for children with beautiful effects.

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