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    why is this game the exact same as dragon awaken

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    It’s a version of the same game. Saying that it’s the ‘exact’ same could be misleading, since there are multiple versions of Dragon Awaken and some have features that we don’t have here yet, as well as different events occasionally. For instance, Dragon Lord didn’t have the Dragon Awaken anniversary event, and some things like the shard store, etc., were added later here than in some Dragon Awaken versions. However, the game is basically the same, because it’s a different version of the same thing. That said, Dragon Awaken itself is slightly derivative, and resembles several other online MMOs that follow a similar format, etc.

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    This game is a great concept and I would love to see more games like this.
    You are so thoughtful for sharing! Thank you! wordle

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    It’s not totally the same but you’re right. quordle games io

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