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    To create a ringtone for your Android phone, you must first understand the basics of Western music theory. Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of Western music, you can encode a melodic idea using a ringtone text language. Most ringtone text languages use standard Western letter names, octaves, and numerical tempo designations. After the monophonic ringtone craze, ringtone composer programs came out, which let you compose melodies using standard Western music notation.

    The Department of Health Ringtones are free, but you’ll probably need to pay a small fee for data. Generally, these files are 19 to 77 kb, and they won’t be compatible with every phone. Ringtones on Department of Health websites are mp3 files, so you’ll need to know the mp3 format of your phone before downloading them. The Department of Health also does not offer tech support or troubleshooting help for these free downloads. And you’ll need to agree to its Terms of Use before downloading any ringtones.

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    Good day, friend. I would appreciate it if you could upload some ringtones to another file hosting service. Anyway, for me it’s a lifesaver when I need to transfer some file to someone quickly. For example, this anonymous file sharing site is very fast and has no limit on document storage size. Cheers!

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