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    WheresMyName DL S3

    today on Cross Server Arena in War of Gods two teams got disqualified by some bug or error, as you see in attachment team SirKill and team XoloX lost to a low battle raiting player, as XoloX said he was waiting in War of Gods lobby as everyone else, and battle for him didnt started, after first round time up we all saw that he lost.
    Im posting this to get some information about how disqualification works in this game, as i saw today seems like if team “A” with 40m BR is waiting for battle, and team “B” with 5m br is offline or AFK then by pure random disqualified can get the one who was actually online and in the lobby waiting for battle.
    Im not sure about SirKill but as he was online and after first round ending went to ancient catacombs then probably he had same problem as XoloX.

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    Thanks for making the thread, tort0.

    I think SirKill might have got on a bit late, at least by his own account. XoloX/IMHOTEP did say that they were around, so that’s probably an error.

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