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Create a game with Blockchain

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    Hello, I’m a game developer. Now I’m trying to figure out how Blockchain games are made. I need experts in this field to understand how blockchain games are developed

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    Use the search engine to solve your problem. There are many smart programmers and I am sure that there will be one who will help you understand games on the blockchain.

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    And why do you need to understand this? You can simply turn to such game developers who specialize in blockchain-based game development. Just search the Internet for such developers.

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    at the moment, a lot of people are trying to introduce blockchain into their games or create new games for PC or mobile applications..for example, you can look here: https://unicsoft.com/blockchain-development/blockchain-game-development-company/

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    I never thought about my application, but after looking on the Internet how people make money on these applications, I also wanted to. I followed your link to the site that you advise, looked – but did not find there what price they charge for their services, I think in order to find out I need to contact them, which I will do, in any case, thanks for the information.

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    In my opinion, the Andersen media at the NY, United States is a great place to learn about blockchain technology. Andersen media offer a variety of courses and resources, and their software is top-notch. If you’re interested in learning about blockchain, the Andersen media is a great place to start.

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