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    City War 3D is an exciting battle strategy game in which you take control of structures. In this amazing free online game at happy wheels, your goal is to conquer all of the structures before your opponents.

    Every building you possess will generate some units per second automatically, so focus on conquering uninhabited structures first to get more units.

    Attack your opponent’s building once you have more units than him. If you send out all of your units, you will be vulnerable to enemy attacks and will lose structures. You can attack many structures at the same time, but they’ll all be vulnerable. At every level, strategic thinking is the key to success.


    Unique gameplay with nicely crafted stages, stylized graphics, and colors that are appropriate for both children and adults.

    The cartoon-style graphics add to the game’s relaxed and humorous atmosphere. In the future, we’d like to introduce chibi and anime-style characters.
    A variety of themes Forest, Ice, and Mountain themes, Beach, and Desert themes, as well as a variety of other themes such as candy, garden, and block themes, are all available.
    The transition from an easy to a complex level to improve your strategic, reasoning, and thinking abilities.

    Play in your own language, City War 3D is available in all major languages, allowing you to play in your own language. To better your gaming experience, we are constantly adding new languages to the game.

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