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Can you set diamonds on a semi-solid Cuban link chain?

Forums Technical issues Can you set diamonds on a semi-solid Cuban link chain?

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    Solid Cuban link chains are frequently set with diamonds and other types of stones. Semi-solid chains are typically made from very thin-walled tubing. While this reduces the chain’s weight and cost, the thin walls do not provide enough metal to support a stone setting.

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    It is possible to set diamonds on a semi-solid Cuban link chain. Semi-solid Cuban link chains are made with links that are partially hollow, which allows for some flexibility in the design. This means that it is possible to add diamonds or other gemstones to the surface of the links, either by setting them directly into the metal or by attaching them to the surface using prongs or other types of mounting.

    There are a few different techniques that can be used to set diamonds on a semi-solid Cuban link chain, including prong setting, channel setting, and bead setting. The specific technique used will depend on the design of the chain and the size and shape of the diamonds being set. It is important to work with a skilled jeweler who has experience setting diamonds on semi-solid Cuban link chains to ensure that the diamonds are securely and aesthetically set.

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