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Bring Back the old Photo Viewer for easy slideshows!

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    How can I easily do a slideshow in Windows 11? The “Photos” app appears to have the option, but it’s not working properly. If I select multiple pix to have a slideshow, it does not give me the “3 dot” option. If I have 1, it does…and I can make a slideshow of one picture! The old “Photo Viewer” made it so easy…bring it back please!

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    To get the old Photo Viewer for easy slideshows on Windows 11, you need to follow these steps. At the start, tap on the desktop with your right mouse to choose the option of Personalize. Then pick the option that says Background in Settings and double-click the option that says Personalize your background to extract its settings. Here you can pick the Slideshow option within the Personalize your background drop-down menu and tap the option of Browse to pick a folder that has your photos for the slideshow. Just tap https://appuals.com/get-old-photos-slideshow-windows-11/ this link in case you need to learn more about this topic. In the end, select the option that says Choose this folder and you are allowed to select an image display period on the Change picture in every drop-down menu.

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    Ever since the introduction of photo slideshows on my iPhone, I have found them to be quite an enjoyable experience. Must you check this link and get more new ways to make the DSLR photo. Seeing your favorite photos on a big screen is quite daunting. The problem is that nothing beats the original Photo Viewer. Now Apple has gone ahead and removed it from iOS 6 as well as iOS 7 beta 2.

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