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Arena and Trojan Wars are ridiculous – spamming tokens will get you a higher

Forums Dark Genesis Game Discussions Arena and Trojan Wars are ridiculous – spamming tokens will get you a higher

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    in Arena, the person who spams the highest arena token can get the top spot. it dont matter if they are stronger or not.

    the logic is flawed which has to be be appropriate towards strongest winning the Arena and Trojan Wars.

    Arena: winning a higher level gives 21 points and winning a lower level gives 20 points which is stupid even if i cant beat higher level ijust have to beat who i can and i will keep getting 20 points to get to top

    Trojan Wars: similar to above you just have to spam 3 tokens instead of one

    The logic should revolve around the rank you beat to get higher points. higher the rank higher the points, lower the rank lower the points. to cross a person, you need to beat that person in the spot to cross it.

    Also, the retaining points from old Arena/trojanWars is a ridiculous concept too. its a fresh season, every body should have a fresh start. why would somebody wants to spend 200 tokens to be in par with previous season rank 1? thats stupid. all season should be fresh and should start out to be on same ground for everybody.

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