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    Hiking is to feel the earth with your feet and is the most harmonious way of getting along with nature. This is especially true for hiking on the Tibetan Plateau. Hiking in Tibet Plateau requires a great challenge to people’s physical strength and endurance, and the beauty you feel is unique.

    If you want, you can also extend your tour to the Himalayan mountain ranges for trekking and hiking, or do kora around the sacred mountains/lakes in Tibet to get spiritually inspired. There are mainly three famous Tibet trekking, namely Kailash Kora, Mount Everest Eastern Slope Trekking, and Kula Gang Day Trekking.

    Start with the easiest Kuragang Day hike. The route will start and end in Lhasa, and it is expected to have a total of 6 days. The scenery of this route is often said to be comparable to Nepal’s EBC.

    Gang Rinpoche is located in the Ngari area, and most tourists will choose to take a hike on the Ngari South Line or the Ngari Dabei Line. It takes 2 days to turn around on foot, and 15-20 days to kowtow. This route is more about washing the soul, with a more religious atmosphere and less natural scenery.

    The last one is the most arduous but excellent view of Gamagou trekking. There is a saying that the infinite scenery is on a dangerous peak. This route is known as one of the top ten classic trekking routes in the world and one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. The whole journey of Gamagou takes 10-15 days. The whole journey is located in a high-altitude area, with a changeable climate and sparsely populated areas.

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