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Excellent poetry, and good post. Clearly the 2k ambers are working wonders already, as you consider them. : D

I would like to meet these likeable free players, the only ones who I typically meet are either ignored or despised as ‘bullies.’ Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, and should be looking in consumption ranking? I think I’m under-performing in consumption ranking, since most free players on our server tend to show up in it more often. Having to live with such standards is part of what makes life as a free player so inviting here.

Not having the time to read some literature is alright, since you’re basically our Illuminati, and you were probably secretly responsible for those great works of art anyway. If the Illuminati had to decipher their own messages again, to comprehend these works of art as reader or observer, then it would be much too strenuous and convoluted. That’s why authors like Dan Brown do it for them, taking care to simplify it to an exaggerated extent. I think Dan Brown misses the point slightly when he omits to explain the ‘Dan Brown code’ of his book: his name is just a verbal corruption of ‘dragon,’ as he attempts to credit 99% of his book to his dragon and the rest to himself. The Bible is more perceptive, crediting Satan’s fall to the weakness of his dragon, and predicting the mass weeping and gnashing of teeth that would accompany APOCALYPTICO.

I wish you luck on your journey to become a saint. Perhaps someday you shall be the subject of someone’s tale ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ and it shall begin with, “As I plagued this world, yet I lighted on a certain place where was a report, and I laid me down in that place to grow up and repent and then stop riling people. And I dreamed of a man crying lamentably, ‘What shall I do?’ And I replied, ‘Spend 2k on ambers.’ I pondered whether the man was just a symbol for my own plight, and indeed if I was not only the puppet-master of most people but if these people were not also just symbolic representations of me.”

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