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*I celebrate the magical powers of Athena, the puppet master of Supremacy:
Dread, as Ares, She busies herself with the works of war,
With the sack of cities, with the battle-cry and with obsessing over demons in the sky.
It is She also who bullies the very nice free players whom everyone likes.
Hail, Goddess, give us good spanking and more reasons to cry!*

I am unfortunately too busy controlling everyone here, so I don´t have enough time to read the amazing works of art of such great poets like Ms. Amberstein or Mr. Notcasher Butin Consumption. However, I´ve left here a revised version of a Homeric Hymn to Athena. I have been trying to find one for the Dragon instead, considering I am 99% Dragon, 1% Heroes and, if the rules of mathematics would allow us, another 2000% ambers, but I´ve failed. If I have to cash another 2k to repent for this failure as well, I may become the happy owner of a body with no kidneys. But who cares about such earthly things like kidneys when I have The Mighty Dragon and will one day (hopefuly) become a Saint?

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