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So somehow you feel that Kiss my 4ss is just as bad as “you should kill yourself” or “you are a whore who offers favors” that i’ve been told right before these 2 have changed faction? You have a very weird scale of what bad or offensive language is.

I’ve seen you offend people intentionally just so that you can get a rise out of them and report them for it. You need to fix your act.

I also find you unoriginal and NPC-like.

I am sorry. I will cash another 2k and fix my act.

That wouldn’t be spending ambers smartly. You should spend the 2k on fixing your dragon’s act. While the use of ambers to improve one’s moral stature and gain repentance are well known since the days of Martin Luther, it would be futile if you did not spend it on your dragon. However, you would have said so anyway, if you were being sincere. The dragon is 99% of you, while you are only 1%, so if the dragon remains in its villainous and plague-like ways then your amber-fuelled repentance would not sway this direction. Nonetheless, at least you have the piety to spend exactly 2k – no more and no less – on this task, and hence you shall no doubt experience moral advancement.

Perhaps someday this use of 2k shall turn you into one of the fabled saints, who have probably spent a similar amount on ambers to increase their own moral fervour. 2k would allow you to spurn the Satanic influences that must spur plagues of evil, and begin the path to saintliness. As June Amberstein famously said, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good fortune of ambers, must seek to be a paragon of saintly morality.” Her other famous quote was, as it happens, “I have seen Anthea viciously harangue people until the person is in ill-humour, just so that Anthea can report them. Alas, if only she would stop riling people and become aware of the villainy of her ways.” She also wrote a few poems, such as ‘Hymn to Athena,’ and ‘Apocalypticopsychidion.’ The devil plans to bring death to us all through his cultivation of sin, unless we spend 2k on ambers.

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