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no you do not need to any thing PVP to advance in this game so its not PVP based
separate battlegrounds are used so ult. level player are not with level 40 players, level also separate the choice of plunder targets so the intent is not for a 100 mill BP to hit a 6 mill BP will play devil advocate on the mining as there is safe times. now let me be clear getting a beat down encourages growth to get stronger but just like BG and plunder I thing there should be a division at the ult. level were in ult. level’s 1-20 can beat the hell out of each other but can not hit lower that’s just my thoughts happy gamming all

getting beat down and having everything taken from one constantly {world bosses, dragons, killing in wild while saphs are up) so one CANNOT get the materials needed to grow does NOT promote growth,,,it promotes quitting.

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