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Hawk S-18

He has been bullying people who are disabled. Making fun of people. Spouting hate speech for several months in faction chat over and over. Even when no one talks to him he continues to rant. He continues to try forcing religion on most of the faction anytime someone says anything. Every time someone tries to calm him down he continues on and on. Several players in our faction can say so. I was able to only get 1 screen shot as i forgot to do the others over the past few months. Piezo has tried time again to get him to calm down but he continues to spout religious speech and hate at anyone who tries. There have been times he has gone on for 8 hours when no one even talked to him calling others names and making fun of disabled folks. Witch Piezo is a disabled veteran who served in the US military.

Last edited: 15.07.2020 07:59
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