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we have been experiencing some extreme lag and odd glitches. im wondering if the game is failing or are they trying to change its format for flash going away. are they trying to save the game or are they just not caring and letting it go to crape. personally im not spending a dime in till i know. i would not be surprised to find, i cant get on the game one day. not sure the exact date flash goes away all i know is its 2020 around the corner and my game has been super messed up for a week or so. all it says is 2020 flash will be banned, shut down, taken off, and no longer supported. who knows if it will be a couple of months before that realy happens, all i know is my game sucks rt now. i couldn’t even do dungeons yesterday grrrrr. it gets so frustrating playing a game when ur afraid to refresh knowing u might not be able to get back on for along time. sadly i usually have to refresh a few times doing dungeon runs because u dont want black screen when ur realy needed. give us some hope here before alot more people stop playing do to lag and glitches.

  • This reply was modified 3 years, 12 months ago by  Maeve.
  • This reply was modified 3 years, 12 months ago by  Maeve.
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