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ESPECIALLY when everyone else has EARNED their Prestige rather than STEALING IT from everyone else in BG who is also playing?
But, since you have NO IDEA what it’s like, for any of the other players since you don’t care (and you clearly don’t) I don’t expect a real answer.

First Ruth is hacking, then they are stealing? I haven’t been in the game for a few days, and they’re already a master thief? What next, they start the Fremen jihad?

You want her punished for ‘stealing’ points in Battlegrounds? That is one of the most insane things I have heard. Other than you guys saying you want to kill RuthMe IRL even if you go to jail, and calling people eunuchs, terrorists and murderers.

Ruth earns her points and prestige. She also earned 3rd/4th spot on her server. There is no question that Ruth earns her rewards, and your antics just make what she is doing more impressive.

As for the player who got killed by Ruth? Considering Ruth CAMPS EVERY SINGLE SMALL PLAYER he can…and CHASES them to kill them…why is that okay but killing Ruth isn’t? I love the hypocrisy from Jorg and Ruth. “Do what I say, not what I do…and if you do, I will whine until the cows come home! Even if I bring it on myself!”

Ruth rarely camps small players, they also usually let other players collect the kyanite. I don’t know about whining, I think that Ruth could not manage to be half as whiny as this thread even if they tried. But when the campers are ‘morality police’ then of course people are complaining. If these players, who don’t need the prestige, are camping in Battlegrounds because they hate Battlegrounds because it’s ‘stealing’, then obviously that is ridiculous.

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