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Let me guess player 32938312…either you are Jorg…or you have never had to put up with those 2 in BG. Probably Jorg.
Yes, technically it is legal. However..when that’s ALL YOU DO, regardless of asking, telling, bargaining, threatening, or even working to get Devs involved, then you piss off everyone. Ruth goes to BGs where there are not often people strong enough to kill him. Other players come in JUST TO TRY to stop him from ruining BG for the other players. Which is what Ruth is doing. Ruining an ENTIRE EVENT for many players. Some people can only go to a certain BG or 2…so they are screwed if Ruth is left to do as he wants.
ALSO, Ruth has accounts on multiple servers to troll for “help” in dungeons and annoy other players. Also, Ruth and Jorg LIE every single day. About people.
This is nothing more than a couple of BULLIES who have no life, are incredibly miserable in their lives, and need to GO AWAY!
We, the players, are SICK AND TIRED of having to put up with this crap!! Ruth goes 10 minutes AT A TIME without getting points and is NEVER EVER kicked from BG!!! He is HACKING THE SYSTEM. And Jorg is just enabling him to BE a BULLY while also doing his own bullying for no reason.
It. Needs. To. End.

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