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I was playing when Ruthme (also plays under Ruthmy) started this disruptive style of play in BattleGround. All of us in there asked him not to kill the commander over and over, that we did not play that way and didn’t want to start. Within a few days JorgMaudDib began helping him by attacking those that tried to stop him and by letting Ruthme attack him to gain protection so he could proceed to the commander and attack unimpeded. We just want to get back to playing for prestige and fair play wins. It is a serious kick in the head to work hard and find Ruthme win the MVP while all he did was kill the commander. The two of them have ruined the joy of playing BattleGround and I personally have had to switch to a far less convenient time to play so as to avoid them. We had hoped he would grow tired of this and stop but this has been going on now every single day for several months. At the beginning our requests were met by rude comments and now the entire chat is filled with this talk.
It is such a shame that two people can ruin the fun for everyone and I certainly hope that there is something that can be done about them.

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