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Forums Rise of Dragons Technical issues IS THERE A FIX? Reply To: IS THERE A FIX?



No, it’s not fixed. This is why players are not playing the game. They cannot get into their old toons. My s11 too was wizzy_elf…facebook log in. Now when I log in with FB, I had to make a new toon, dragonia. The old toon, wizzy_elf still shows on s11 , but can’t play it!! Was this due to the Adobe Flash issue? If we could get into our old toons, we could play them again and more would come back to the game. The old page comes up but says “activate Adobe Flash(which is gone now). This is the biggest issue with this game. But can it be fixed to get people into their old toons they worked hard on? The new game loader makes us create new toons.

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