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Yeah i have the same issue, and i would like to know, what are the in game drops. Is there any benefit if your are paying, for example i had the same exp. in other games in witch if you don’t pay, you don’t get the gear that you are grinding from 3-4 months. So 2 ponts there:
First. Game drops, weapons, gear, gems etc.
Second. Game drops for payers.
If you could provide us with this info it will be great. But from what i have seen since one month nobody gave a replay on the poor guy above my post. Do you care about the player base, or you care about the payer base. If so it would be easyer to switch to P2P model instead of what you have currently witch is clearly P2W. And if you know the history of MMO’s P2W is a sure way to dump one game in to the garbage. With all my respect atleast answer to the ppl asking.

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