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Your not doing anything about the disconnects…There is guaranteed 1 person that can play all the cross server events S6 ( Batosai) He can do all the cross server events and never get disconnected…But you rather feed a line of we need more servers to open that up to other servers….Yeah right…but you sure are fast enough to drop in events that have us spend money…and Yet the events are bugged as well…Roullette for instance….the 1442 amount item doesn’t get delivered to the person that wins it….the fashion armor is for the wrong gender and no way to swap for female version…and the weapon fashion is for warrior only…no changing to another Class…..sorry your excuses suck…you need to get better ones……My server and others i will be talking to will not spend a single dime on the game til things are fixed…so either fix them or shut down

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