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dragon lord aka dragon awaken is the same game and when i quit dragon awaken back in 2018 i started dragon lord thinking it wasnt dragon awaken but it was so i played to see all the unfair disadvantages that the game gives new players but players that start the game when it first came out payes more and gets better advantages then any other player so yet again i quit dragon lord and i was the only red faction member when i left after playing 113 days there was 2 other players in the blue faction and 1 player made an alt character and put it in blue faction on the same server s111 here is my suggestion at every merge they can delete every non active character on the server. thats what game hollywood does when they merge servers and they have done that in wartune and very successful at it for all the yrs wartune has been out on the web site of theres. my character name is pauleen i played on s111 for 113 days and it needs a merge but i dont play anymore so i dont care anymore delete my character and ban me if u dont like what i say.

Hello! Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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