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Thease are from past days before today and now is not letting me in , here is what i could capture on screen shot , please take this allso as a priority if is not this is the image of tyrion lannister telling me to get a browser im about agroviated by this , becuase of this im checking all the time my browser settings to verify if is it up to date , and it is . so the problem cant be my browser or system , one of the pictures is my character of chris with a rotattin square and the floor ,and allsso apears wen im out side the castle looking at my the members of my alliance or others that atack our alliance , this is happening in fluctuation , and esporadicly ,two pictures are the same but one is a night and the next night check the dates here goes the pics

also want to add that this system of sending imgs by size of 512 kb is not easy to make a full normal screen shot posible ,thease were modified to something near 512 kb , i tryed to make it allmoust that size , you should see them as they are for you that there as is shinking them makes a bit of distortion were the erros apear , so is imperative that this is taken care too just saying it as it is, ok

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