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Is it possible to use the lower level luck marks from the dungeons and then synthesize them to higher levels? I got a bunch of level 30 luck marks and synthesized them into level 50 marks to enchant some of my equipment.

Yes, that’s the only option available for me but it requires 5x Luck Mark lvl6 for crafting a Luck Mark lvl70. I got 8 pieces of lvl70 gears and accessories along with the sufficient materials for promoting them to Epic, then the max enchanting unlock will be 46 levels per piece.

For Lvl 70 Purple, max enchanting is 21.
8 Pieces requires 168 Luck Mark lvl70.
If using the synthesized method, 840 Luck marks Lvl60 is necessary to craft the required amount.
In order to get Luck Mark, you need to spend stamina on Normal/Epic/Expert mode. Since the normal mode is cheaper, 10 stamina per 1 luck mark. I would need exactly 8400 stamina to get 840 luck marks.

For the Epic/Heroic pieces, lets just not bother about it.

So, if I use the synthesized method to acquire Luck Mark then I would need to spend Stamina 5 times more which is a totally unfair and absurd amount while a Level 78-79 player could obtain lvl80 Luck Mark from the lvl78-80 dungeon.

Thankfully, I’m looking forward to the oncoming luck mark update and hoping the developers do not take a longer time to release it.

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