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I have this same problem as the OP since yesterday.
I been playing the game from MY.GAMES on browser for about a month without any issues.
Now i cant open the game, it just opens page where clicking “play” wants me to download destop launcher instead of actually launching the game and when done so it just opens the same window again,no matter how many times i hit the play button nothing happens at all…..
If its a MY.GAME issue, then how do i report an issue to them, since League of Angels 3 isnt even in their game list on support page….

Not sure if your are reg. on MY.GAMES launcher if you are log in and you can use this page, I did sent them a ticket as well – https://support.my.games/store/

But they also ask me to try use the link for Flash browser – https://store.my.games/app/4190

I’m not very found of have Adobe Flash on my pc (as I don’t feel it a safe program to have on my pc), so not sure what to do, really want to play as I enjoy LOA3 very very much.

I been playing using Flash (i do not like to use it either to be honest) all this time, it just suddenly stopped working yesterday, doesnt ask me to launch flash etc like it did before. Just opens the page you showed here and when clicking play it ask me to download desktop launcher, but through that launcher it just directs me back to the same page with the difference that now “play” button does absolutely nothing.
Also https://store.my.games/app/4190 works, but its just a link to your account/profile or so i assume. its all in Russian and with deifferent servers i played on, even though it shows my own account being logged in.

Thank you for the link to support though, i will sent them a ticket and see if they can resolve the issue somehow.

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