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event > refinement > now need refined stone [ not in the game ]….server 1 has only 7 players active….that game is dead 😛

Yup, unless we have a patch with the fix within this week, we can forget about the refinement event. Honestly hoping for compensation.

Btw, its the merged server 1 & 2. I would say max 10 people are playing it at the moment which is basically close to death.

and before this update i spent cca 500mil golds for update equips. From +34lvl was +1lvl for 40mil…. And now need on enchant +43lvl only 18mil golds…

That’s why the Mark Luck was added in the game to decrease the high rate of enchanting fee. I am pretty sure I too enchanted to 35+ just a few days before the patch.

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