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I think this latest update is a game breaker for me. I do the 5 bounty quests daily for the devotion quest item that gives me 200 diamonds daily, but now I can’t refine or enchant any equipment and I have to once again expand my backpack to hold the new stones and marks needed. It’s just too much so I guess I’ll just walk away from this new game. such is life.

It’s not really hard to do the bounty quests. There are a lot of easy options; Bounty hunter, Arena, 10 or 20 monsters kill and harvest. Any 3-stars cleared dungeons or Arena provides Blitz option which can be completed with a single click. With 3 free refreshes, you could complete it in 1-5 minutes.

As for the backpack, firstly, join a guild with lvl10 guild vault which has the space of storing 60 items. Then, you could either use expansion on your backpack if you really need space or try recycling unwanted items. Also, there is another option to sort using synthesis on items like Luck, gems, or other items.

its not about hard or easy is about the way the game is going developers make good updates but at same time they broke others. i see many ppl with vip 6 and 7 quit becouse of that.they are heavy cashers but they cant keep invest in a dead game. the way i see the things. game need more free events with good drops to keep the low cashers in the game.and keep game competitive for hard cashers keep playing.
game dont need more lucky wheels overpriced wene you need spend 5000 diamonds only to qualify for top 5 price, and you need 30.000 diamonds to make points to buy the first price of the wheel.
30k diamonds is almost 300€ is a lot of money for most of the
players.even hard cashers dont do it is to expensive for a game with 10 players in each server.
i play this game in a diferent site and is the same like here empty and this events ppl only do the chances given by login days.
this need to change or i realy spend my money in a game with no future.

Yes, the bugs are very annoying and we have to deal with them on every new patch. Honestly, we need some sort of compensation like other games which could make the players happy and also continue piquing their interest in playing the game.
As for the VIP players leaving the game, I cannot be 100% certain but I can guess a few reasons;
1. Hard to level up after lvl60
2. Takes like 10-15mins to do daily quests then nothing to do in the game except either waiting for stamina to recover or the World Boss which can only join once per day.
3. The low population in the game hence most people think its a dead game and quit once they found some other games. With the introduction of a new server every time, there aren’t many new people in the server 1-3 as it would be the most stupid thing to do since all the newbie bonuses are being rewarded on the new server. In fact, the merge server didn’t really help this low amount of players issue.

As for the Wheel or any event, I quite satisfied with them. I don’t know why you would even want to get the first prize from the wheel unless its the red appearance costumes which are worth the spending as they offer quite a bit stats. The only reason you don’t see anyone spending is we don’t have many players in the game or either nobody wants the first prize. I also play in H5 and almost every wheel event, there are 2 or 3 of my guildmates are spending diamonds for 1st rank or the 1st prize and a couple of other players since the server have a decent amount of players.

In the end, what we really need in the game are the new players. Maybe we could have a merged server with the recently opened servers. Well, that’s just my opinion.

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