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Good day.

The answer was given to you – the data was transferred to technical specialists for verification. When the problem is verified, you will be informed about this on the ticket.
Unfortunately, solving some problems takes time.

This was not directed at you Фырк, You seem to be about the only one doing anything at all.

I have been playing online games for over 20 years and have never had to wait any longer than 5 days for any technical problems to be resolved, Problems do not go away when you ignore them lol.

The fact that your games all run with the same engine should make fault finding easier rather than more time consuming, When playing the game you still see remnants of “Everlast” and prices in gold rather than in Gems that you people want for articles.

The mathematics in game is completely for the cats and does not compute, everything getting more expensive and no work done on the existing problems.

Now the hammer falls, Flash is dead after December 2020 this year due to being basically bug ridden from the beginning and having so many security flaws and back doors.

When asked if the game will be ported or rewritten and carry on after this date, We get the answer, Yes they are looking into it…

Myself and I presume many others that play this game would like to know more on this subject and not just “we are looking into it”, I do not think that it is too much to ask for a reasonable explanation as to how and when.


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