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I’ll let tort0 answer this, as I’m not familiar with these things.

If it helps, the ‘mount trial card’ he mentions is called the ‘Trial Tome’ by the game, and you can see it right below the VIP pack in tort0’s image. I’ve attached an image of its description, which is similar to tort0’s phrasing. Blitzing Mount Trial has the Trial Tome checked as a default option, so you might have noticed having to uncheck that if you don’t use them often. I think one faction-mate had been uncertain about whether they could blitz Mount Trial at all, because they didn’t have a trial tome.


The game describes VIP pack in this manner, similar to how tort0 describes it:


They answered the main question, I’m just adding a brief addendum.

Thanks for helping them with this, tort0. 🙂 Hopefully the OP has been carefully watching their mines while this conversation was occurring, you never know what could happen.


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