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Top 4 Leading Crypto Advertising Network
Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in the investing world, crypto ad networks have grown in popularity. Similar to Google Ads, cryptocurrency ad networks act as a platform where publishers and cryptocurrency advertisers may collaborate to promote cryptocurrency-related websites and apps.
The primary distinction is that these networks are designed only for cryptocurrency-related projects, authorizing websites, applications, and services based on blockchain, such as crypto asset management.

In order to attract high-quality visitors to their advertising, cryptocurrency ad networks use AI technology to promote cryptocurrency websites, news, and associated content. Most of the time, you can modify the advertising to fit your geo choice, schedule, and other factors thanks to their widespread reach.
In exchange, publishers get paid either in fiat money or cryptocurrencies on a weekly or even daily basis in some ad networks. Joining crypto advertising networks enables you to more effectively monetise crypto-related projects and websites, whether you are an advertiser or publishing website.
The Best 4 Crypto Ad Networks to Consider in 2023
In this article, we present ten of the best crypto ad networks for 2023. These are among the most established platforms that each have something unique to offer for publishers and advertisers.

1.7Search PPC
Regarding impressions and site visits, 7Search PPC has impressive figures. Currently, the network is being used by over 5,000 cryptocurrency websites to advertise around 20,000 campaigns. It’s difficult to find a better ad network firm to expand your cryptocurrency project with 20 million unique visitors and over 1 billion global views each month.
It utilizes AI-based targeting choices, such as geolocation, posting frequency, and time. They provide clients thorough verification checks and both CPM and CPC models, ensuring that each vendor may be carefully checked. Additionally, there are manual clicks, third-party traffic audits, and impression tracking. These checks help in preventing sponsored traffic or bots from tampering with impression counts.
Although 7Search PPC focuses on cryptocurrency-related websites, it is also available to non-crypto websites that generate high-quality traffic and user interaction. The crypto advertising firm also provides withdrawal options for fiat money or Bitcoin, with a minimum withdrawal of 0.0001 BTC.
When you sign up as a publisher with 7Search PPC, it not only offers a consistent stream of income for your cryptocurrency website, but it may also help you maximize your profits with flexible targeting. Both large-scale publications and smaller blogs and websites are accepted on the platform.
AI algorithm serves relevant users with adverts
pleasant user interface
dependable methods of payment
favors cryptocurrency websites

2. Coinzilla
Launched in 2016, the advertising network Coinzilla has established a reputation as one of the most reliable networks for cryptocurrency advertising. More than 20,000 publications have been encouraged to monetize their websites, and it has promoted more than 200 companies.
The variety of customization choices offered by Coinzilla, including display, native, pop-up, and press release advertising, is fantastic. Native, CPM (cost-per-mile), pop-up, and other cryptocurrency advertising options were provided by Coinzilla. The business offers solutions that are incredibly flexible for both the advertisement itself and the creative process.
With a minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC, 0.5 ETH, or €5,000, respectively, Coinzilla also enables deposits and payments made via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat wire transfers. Monthly and weekly payments are made. Additionally, you may earn 10% through Coinzilla’s referral program when you introduce qualified consumers.
Coinzilla exclusively accepts websites that already have strong engagement and interaction rates in order to expose businesses to high-quality leads. In particular, Coinzilla chooses vendors whose websites have been operational for at least three months, load quickly, and are easy to use. While the stringent requirements may be challenging for some websites, Coinzilla promotes them in order to only partner with reputable cryptocurrency projects.
strict requirements for marketers
referral system
dependable client service
strict rules for websites

3. Adshares
Another established business that promotes blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT ventures is Adshares. Adshares provides sponsored content on authoritative websites, premium blockchain banners, newsletters, and listings on exchanges in addition to banner advertisements.
The network provides a variety of ad formats, including CPA (cost-per-action), CPM, and pop-under campaigns. Because it doesn’t demand authentication or have strict requirements for network membership, the platform makes advertising simple.
Adshares encourages openness in both its advertising and payment systems. Payments are autonomous and dependable, even capable of sending payments every hour, because they are blockchain-enabled. Publishers have complete control over the material that appears on their websites thanks to the platform.
Simple registration; no identification is required
access to upscale websites and marketplaces
Ads that can be modified
precise analytics
consistent payments
feature to get around AdBlock
favors cryptocurrency websites
no referral scheme

4. CoinTraffic
With its network of more than 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers, CoinTraffic generates a sizable amount of traffic and impressions each month. KuCoin exchange and Paragon are two of the platform’s most well-known marketers.
Numerous advertising forms are available from CoinTraffic, however its income model primarily supports CPM and pop-up advertising types. It does not, however, use CPC or affiliate marketing strategies. You may talk about customisation possibilities with specialized account managers who will be monitoring the success of your campaign.
As a result of CoinTraffic’s scrutiny of its advertising partners, only authentic cryptocurrency initiatives are permitted to join the network. You can get the most relevant audience for your crypto advertising efforts since they are quite choosy. The program accepts fiat money as well as Bitcoin, and the minimum withdrawal amounts are €25 for a BTC wallet and €300 for a bank transfer.
Adaptable campaigns
good impression and traffic rates
High-quality traffic permits payments in currency and bitcoin
The minimum withdrawal amount is €25.
CPC ad model absent
strict rules for websites
no referral scheme

Promote Crypto Content with the Right Crypto Ad Network
Crypto ad networks have developed into a safe and practical method for promoting a variety of crypto projects and content, from NFTs to crypto influencers, to the right audience. These platforms allow for the promotion of adverts and the generation of more revenue for publisher websites while charging rates that provide advertisers greater returns on their advertising spend.
You may serve high-quality advertisements and get good returns for your cryptocurrency project by selecting the crypto advertising network with features that are best suitable for your publisher or advertising needs.

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