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Asturoth Dax

I’m afraid that response just isn’t good enough.

My guild is now down to 4 active members.

I seem to be the only active player on my server now.

The game has lost everything that kept experienced players spending money and enjoying the game. It’s now just about daily chores with no real interactive game play.

Cornucopia and Weekend events haven’t worked since they were introduced, but you keep them going anyway.. mind blowing really…

Appalling lack of response from the developers to give informative responses why it happened, what they are doing to return the game to the one we paid for and what timeframe they are looking at to get it back and what compensation is due for people who pay to play and therefore have “lost” a great deal.

I don’t expect any response other than the usual. Even my support ticket was responded to the same way and the ticket closed..

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