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Asturoth Dax

tbf to you @Agent008 it wasn’t a direct dig at you, but these issues have been ongoing, have been reported, screenshots provided in the forums and we still haven’t had a satisfactory response as why this happened or a timeframe for resolution.

As VIP level 10 I have invested a huge amount of cash into this game and it has been virtually unplayable for the last week. Many players have missed out on bonuses, events etc and the current events are non claimable or playable.. no-one is benifitting from playing, and aside from yourself who has responded, albeit with little or no idea what appears to be affecting everone… there is no real update on when it will be fixed.

My support ticket hasn’t even been responded too, Just a poor show all round really. Which is why none of us has paid to play since the issues started and why we are looking for another game to play.

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