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The point I think you are missing, is that when people can not level up because their gold is constantly being stolen from them, the lower BR players tend to quit playing… Less players means that the remaining players get plundered more often, resulting in more people quitting…

Imagine if you will, if Arena, Coronation, Multi-Arena and Mount Racing all worked the same way… You beat someone in Arena, Coronation, Multi-Arena or Mount Racing and they lose prestige while you gain the prestige they lost… The higher BR people (because fewer people could beat them) would level up their ranking much faster than the lower BR people who would level at a snails pace…

The point here is that it extremely unfair to have other players have the ability to so drastically affect another players ability to level… The top BR people lose little to no gold, while lower BR players lose massive quantities…. In other words, the top BR have little to no hindrance in their leveling, while the lower BR people’s ability to level is hindered on a massive scale….

Easy solution – Leave the plunder system in place, but rather than losing 100% of the amount of gold plundered, only lose say 10%…. So the plunderer still gets their gold, but the strain on the lower BR people, who are constantly getting plundered multiple times a day, is significantly reduced…
Example: I plunder for 2.5m gold…. I still get the 2.5m, but the person I plunder only loses 250k… This way rather than losing 25m gold for getting plundered 10 times a day, they are only losing 2.5m, which is much more manageable…

Piezo – s17

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