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This was working when oasis lounched the game 14 months ago under the name Ancient War. The only problem was that all text was in chinese. For this reason the disabled it and we were asking to fix it numerous times. To my big surprise one a certain moment we got the answer that this feature was not supported by oasis. But the never took it out of coining rewards and bonus for winning. The did not even remove the upgrade in buidings and the resource spending to get artifact parts.

I have spend all my silver to get the 1000 of each 4 parts, then to discover that it was all a waste.

When oasis joined Esprit games I expected that they would finally start solving. But the same happens as under Ancient War, the put sombody in the forum and answering tickets, but never made any real fix.

So, it looks like they just put in someone as a puppy trying to extend the game by promising they will fix, hoping people will keep spending.

Its very clear the developpers are either not capable of fixing all issues, or there are no real developpers assigned to fix these serious bugs.

If you look at the cards when you pick up resources from the map, you can see this is an exact copy of Ancient War as its written on the backside of the cards. And since the lounch of the game in both Ancient War and Kings of War, not even one of the missing features is ever fixed.

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