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NEW GAME – Darkmoon Realm

NEW GAME – Darkmoon Realm

Darkmoon Realm – is the game what you’ve been looking for. IDLE-game with beautiful graphics and hurricane dynamics of the battle. In a world ruled by chaos, there is only one goal – to destroy everyone who dares to stand on your way. Here the law of the jungle rules – kill or be killed! Even the gods will serve you if your power is sufficient. Only the strongest can decide who is worthy to live in this world!

In the game you will find:
☼ Heroe’s improving system worked out to the smallest details.
☼ Boss hunt and fighting for the right to get the best rewards.
☼ Battle Royale – be the last survivor in a fierce battle.
☼ A wide variety of pets and companions.
☼ Dungeons filled with hordes of monsters.
☼ Guild Wars and Raids.
☼ Capturing territories.
☼ Arenas.

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