New server – «S2: Florin»


Demons reopened the gateway to the World of People on the new «S2: Florin» server!

It is time to train soldiers and call in their ranks brave mercenaries.

Ahead of you are waiting for glorious battles in many dungeons, raids into enemy lands, battles with bosses along with associates and much more.

Do not let the armies of darkness enslave people and take the Divine Kingdom!

New server «S65: Origin of Fear» is already open!

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Good news, everyone!

New server «S65: Origin of Fear» is already open!

Start your journey on a new server right now! There you could use all your game experience and will be able to participate in opening events, compete for a place in the rankings and get excellent rewards!

Taking part in Carnaval to get valuable prizes.

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A new server «S65: Origin of Fear» is waiting for you!

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New Mythic Wings – Spring Couplets!

Dear warriors,
The Angel’s Carnival is coming! As a traditional holiday in the Grace Continent. In this day, Angels wear a special costume and celebrate for love and peace.

Collect Maracas from Elite Dungeon and exchange them for rich rewards! Come to join us with your friends, Carnival Party will start from 10 January to 14 January During this event, you have great the chance to win the New Mythic Wings – Spring Couplets.

Read more about the event and rewards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

Event «Great treasure» + «Smashing Egg»(01/14/2020)

Great news, Friends!

We are pleased to announce that today was launched an exciting event “Smashing Egg” in which you can get a lot of valuable awards and consumables!

Event – “Smashing Egg”
A small mini-game in which you need to break eggs and get presents.

► In each egg are hidden various materials for improving your character.
► You can break an egg with Gold.
► Each attempt costs 20 Gold.
► For a certain number of broken eggs you can get an additional reward (in the right part of the event window)

At the top of the screen you can see an example of awards that you can get by breaking an egg. But this does not mean that only those items are hidden in the eggs at the moment.

Please note that events may not be available on servers where server start events have not completed yet. Before taking part in them, make sure that they are available on your server.

Exchange of a miracle beast
Event time 12-17-2019 – 12-31-2020

Now you have the opportunity to exchange Summon Scroll for activation cards of unique Mounts and Pets:

– If you want to ride on War Elephant or Griffin, you need to collect 100 scrolls;
– If you want to use Night Boy or Minotaur like a pet, you need to collect 100 or 200 scrolls.

Summon Scroll you can get from Smash Egg event.

Great treasure
Today was launched an exciting event «Great treasure», in which you can get a lot of valuable awards and consumables!
An event consists of several parts.

► Daily recharge
By participating in the event you will receive additional gifts for recharge the account in the game.

– Daily recharge the game account during the event
– The larger the amount you choose (200, 1000, 5000 or 10000 gold), the greater the reward you will receive
– The selected amount of gold can be purchased in several payments per day, it is not necessary to make a purchase in one payment.

► Cumulative recharge

– When buying gold you will receive additional rewards
– The larger the recharge amount, the more reward you will receive
– Rewards are reset and updated daily at 00:00 server time

► Cumulative Consumption

– Spend gold on any of your needs during the event and receive gifts
– The more gold you spend, the more gifts you can collect
– Total consumption are accumulated throughout the event

► Discounts

– Buy items to strengthen your character with a significant discount.
– Item list changes every 30 minutes
– You can independently change the available items by spending 20 gold

► Reward for all

– Complete tasks and get rewards
– Quests are updated daily

► 2xEXP

– Get more experience for killing monsters during the event.
– To participate, press the AFK button.
– Can be stacked with EXP BUFFs

► Check in

– Login in every day and collect rewards
– Do not miss the days, the reward for the missed day cannot be received

Have a nice game!

NEW SERVERS – “S12: Maderlin” and “S12: Skagos”

Minions of the Dragon King resurrected their merciless leader Ballerian! Desperate, the Angels opened a portal to the past so that great warriors could make a dangerous journey to collect twelve artifacts that would help stop the bloodthirsty tyrant.

League of Angels do not survive in this fight without your support!

Veterans of past wars are already fighting on the servers – “S12: Maderlin” and “S12: Skagos”, but their forces are not unlimited, so hurry to help you. Responded to the call of the Angels, waiting for exciting adventures, new acquaintances and endless battles between the forces of Light and Darkness.

Go back in time to save the future of Elysium!

[Update] – Martyr Oracle

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Hello! We updated the game to version 2.81.

We tried to describe the contents of the update in as much detail as possible.

🍀 Where: Menu «Martyr»

❓ What has changed: Added new function «Martyr Oracle»

Available from Ultimate Level 4.

Martyr Snones will be required to activate the functionEvery 5 stages will improve 1 lvl.

When the Skill levels is full, Training will still get Stats Boost.

🍀 Where: Menu «Title»

❓ What has changed: Added new function  «Enchance Title»

Raising the title level increases the character’s stats.

🍀 Where: Game Chat

❓ What has changed: Quick phrases have been added to the game chat.

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