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Guide – “New server rank”

Only during the first week after the opening of a new server in the game is available a number of special events that will help you to develop your character and loudly declare yourself!

“BR King”

Increase the power of your characters to get unique prizes that will not only make your hero strong, but will also make him stand out from the crowd.


This section opens on the first day of the server and lasts 7 days.
To get into the ranking, the player must gain at least 350 000 power.


1st place-symbol of the Petrel Chimera, soaring Star, a fragment of Gloria x100, cleansing stone x150.

2nd – 3rd place — rising star, Gloria Shard X50, recruitment scroll I x3, x100 stone processing.

4-10 place — Gloria Shard X30, recruitment scroll I x2, stone processing x70.

11-50 — Gloria Shard X20,recruitment scroll I x1, stone processing x50.

For achieving 350 000 power — Gloria Shard X10,recruitment scroll I x1, stone processing x20.

“MC Lvl”

Also, in addition to “BR King”, the first day opens the rating of the level of players, the duration of which will be only 1 day.
To get into the ranking you need to reach level 50.



1 place — Immortality Armor Shard x30, Everlast Armor Shard x20, Soul Flask l x100.

2-3 place — Immortality Armor Shard x20, Everlast Armor Shard x20, Soul Flask l x70.

4-10 place — Immortality Armor Shard x15, Everlast Armor Shard x20, Soul Flask l x50.

11-50 place — Immortality Armor Shard x10, Everlast Armor Shard x15, Soul Flask l x30.

Level 46 achievement — Everlast Armor Shard x10, Soul Flask l x20

“Divine Armor BR”

On the second day opens Divine Armor BR.
To participate in this rating, the power of your Divine Armor must reach 1 000.
Duration — 1 day.



1st place — Immortality Belt Shard x30, Everlast Belt Shard x20, Spirit Stone l x200.

2-3 place — Immortality Belt Shard x20, Everlast Belt Shard x20, Spirit Stone l x150.

4-10 place — Immortality Belt Shard x15, Everlast Belt Shard x20, Spirit Stone l x100.

11-50 place — Immortality Belt Shard x10, Everlast Belt Shard x15, Spirit Stone l x50.

For achievement 46 th level — Everlast Belt Shard x10, Spirit Stone l x50.

“Hero BR”

On the third day, a Hero BR.
To participate in the rating of the power your character is supposed to reach 25 000.
Duration — 1 day.



1st place — Legendary Soul x1000, Blessing Stone x30.

2-3 place — Legendary Soul x750, Blessing Stone x20.

4-10 place — Legendary Soul x500, Blessing Stone x15.

11-50 place — Legendary Soul x300, Blessing Stone x10.

For achievement 25 100,000 might — Legendary Soul x200, Blessing Stone x10.

“Mount BR”

On the fourth day mount BR opens.
To participate in this rating, the power of your mount must reach 1,200.
Duration — 1 day.



1st place — Mount Adv.Stone x300, Toril’s Manual x5. Refining Stone x200.

2-3 place — Mount Adv.Stone x200, Toril’s Manual x3, Refining Stone x150.

4-10 place — Mount Adv.Stone x150, Toril’s Manual x2, Refining Stone x100.

11-50 place — Mount Adv.Stone x100, Refining Stone x75.

For achievement 25 100,000 might — Mount Adv.Stone x50, Refining Stone x50.

“Relic BR”

On the fifth day, a Relic of BR.
To participate in this rating, the power of your relic must reach 3,000.
Duration — 1 day.



1st place — Book of Void gift x1, Undying Soul gift x2, Cobalt Stone x50.

2-3 place — Book of Void gift x1, Cobalt Stone x40.

4-10 place— Undying Soul gift x2, Cobalt Stone x30.

11-50 place — Undying Soul gift x1, Cobalt Stone x25.

За chievement 3 000 мощи — Shield of Honor gift x1, Cobalt Stone x20.

On the sixth day wing BR opens.
To participate in the rating of the might of thy wings should reach 1 200.
Duration — 1 day.



1st place — Wing Adv.Stone x400, Augment Stone l x50, Soul Flask ll x50.

2-3 place — Wing Adv.Stone x200, Augment Stone l x30, Soul Flask ll x40.

4-10 place — Wing Adv.Stone x150, Augment Stone l x20, Soul Flask ll x30.

11-50 place — Wing Adv.Stone x100, Augment Stone l x10, Soul Flask ll x20.

For achieving the power of 1 200 — Wing Adv.Stone x50, Soul Flask ll x20.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

Guide “Level Up Gift»

Event “Level Up Gift»

With this event, everything is simple – when you reach certain levels, you can get rewards in this event. Awards are given for achievement of levels: 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 110, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220.
As a reward in this event you can get:
– Diamond

– Gold

– Recruitment Scroll I

– Mount Adv. Stone

– Wing Adv. Stone

– Everlast Armor Shard

– Natasha Shard

– Panther Eye

– Hope Medal

– Victory Cheer

– Immortality Armor Shard

– Humble Begginings

– Lv. 3 Gem Chest

– Blessing Stone II

– Soul Flask II

– Legendary Soul

– Random Epic relic component gift

– Infinity Armor Shard

– Sacred Amber

– Starstone

– Supremacy Armor Shard

– Glory Armor Shard

– Elite mount Adv. Stone

– Wing mount Adv. Stone

– Blessing Stone III

– Soul Flask III

And also have the opportunity to get a particularly valuable prize – Immortality Sword

If you manage to reach level 80 on a new server in 7 days.

The higher the level of the character, the more valuable prizes you can get. So forward into battle! Elysium awaits new heroes!

Guide “Login Reward»

In this guide we will focus on the opening event of the “Login Reward»


The essence of the event is that you will receive some bonuses and rewards just for entering the game seven days (not necessarily in a row).
Now more about the rewards you can get:

Day 1

– Recruitment Scroll II

– Spirit Stone I

– Soul Flask I

Day 2

– Legendary Angel Chest

Day 3

– Immortality Sword Shard

– Immortality Ore

– Immortality Sword Sketch

Day 4

– Eye of future

– Ring of Reality

– Wings of Past

– Cobalt Stone

Day 5

– Stellar Stone Fragment

– Augment Stone I

– Antler Stone

– Blessing Stone II

Day 6

– Lv. 3 HP Gem

– Lv. 3 ATK Gem

– Lv. 3 Def Gem

Day 7

– Sheila

Good luck and enjoy the game!

Guide “First time recharge»

Any player who buys game currency automatically takes part in the event “First time recharge»


Having made in the game replenishment of any amount, you get a nice bonus in the form of a very good starter kit, which includes:

1. Legendary character Omen

2. Eternity chest, from which you can get one of the four items of legendary equipment Eternity – sword, helmet, armor or belt.

3. 100 units of Stamina required to undergo various dungeons and trials

4. 2M Gold for leveling (skills, experience, etc.))

5. Mount Adv. Stone (200 PCs). Item for pumping mount.

6. Soul Flask I (500 PCs). With this item you can significantly increase the basic parameters of the character

As mentioned earlier, all of these items will be yours if you make a payment of any amount, even the minimum.

Guide “Reward Hall”

This guide will focus on the event “Reward Hall”, in which you have the opportunity to receive awards under certain conditions and the use of promotional codes.
Let’s take a closer look at all categories and awards.

  1. Daily Sign-in


Awards in this category you can get every day when you enter the game. To do this, open the event and click on the icon of the corresponding day (from 1 to 31). Some days you can get more rewards if you have VIP status of a certain level. As a bonus, you can get:

– Spirit Stone I

– Spirit Stone II

– Soul Flask I

– Energy Stone

– Wendy Shard

– Refinig Stone

– Energy Sphere

– Mount Adv. Stone

– Wing Adv. Stone

– Antler Stone

– Undying Soul components gift

– Legendary+ Hero Choice Chest

– ED Selectable Component Box

Also in this category there are additional awards for the number of days in which you “marked” in the event. You can get them if you take the rewards 2, 5, 10, 20, and 31 times.


There are only two awards, but in different quantities:

– Diamond

– Wendy Shard

    1. Online Gift


A gift you can get for the time you are in the game (in the interval 8.00-23.00). Time intervals – 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The system works this way: you spent 5 minutes in the game, took the reward – the timer started for 10 minutes until the next reward. Took the award in 10 minutes, we count down 15 minutes before the next awards, etc.
Prizes in this category:

– Gold

– Stamina

– Recruitment Scroll I

– Spirit Stone I

– Diamond

    1. Claim Stamina


In this tab of events you have the opportunity three times a day (from 12.00 to 14.00, from 18.00 to 20.00 and from 21.00 to 23.00) to receive various bonuses by paying Stamina.

    1. Gift Code


It’s simple. If you have a valid promotional code, you enter it in this window and receive the corresponding rewards.

    1. Invite


In this part of the event you have the opportunity to receive a reward for the friends brought into the game or to use the code received from one of the players.
To get a gift for a friend: tell the player your code –

he enters it in the same window

and immediately receives a prize of level 1. When reaching level 60, the player will receive a second prize, and also the reward will be given to the user who told this player his code.

Good luck and enjoy the game!