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[Event] – Christmas Garden

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Big news!

The new in-game event, Christmas Garden, wasl be launched in the game on 24th, December.

In Christmas Garden, you can use the dices  to get the chance to play.

There is also a sign-in event in Christmas Garden. If the number of players’ sign-ins reaches a certain amount, we will send rewards to all the players in the server, the Christmas Pet Skin may be included! Don’t forget to join the Christmas Garden on the  before the 1st of January !

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Welcome to Black Friday

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Double your ambers in Dragon Lord!

This has never happened before! Lords, just one day – November 23 – a unique and VERY PROFITABLE offer will be waiting for you at Dragon Lord.

💎 You can DOUBLE your ambers by making a payment for a certain amount.

💎 Get gems and exchange them for Heroes, relics and other special rewards, and participate in the sale of UNIQUE products that are not available on other days. Do not miss your profit!


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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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According to the old tradition, the whole family is going to a festive dinner. Everyone says thanksgiving for all the good things that have happened in his life.
Many dishes have become not only a tradition, but also a kind of holiday symbols: stuffed turkey with cranberry syrup and a big sweet pumpkin pie.

Enjoy this Day of madness.

💎 Claim rewards for login in game

Duration: 11/22-11-23

💎 Huge discounts on valuable resources

💎 To reward our players and your support, we prepare great deals for Thanksgiving  !

Duration: 11/22-11-22

💎 During the event, meet the requirement to claim rewards

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