Update, April 28

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Hello shining Lords!

We are happy to announce the version 3.0.

We added some new contents.

🐲 Unlocked Trial Quest in Season Trial

– Trial Quest is a new feature in Season Trial, containing Season Quest and Daily Quest.

– Complete the Season Quest to increase your Hero Training Stats (The red ones will be unlocked by buying a Premium Trial).

– The Daily Quest needs to be completed within the day and there will be 3 random quests to refresh every day. Daily Quest offers Season EXP for your Heroes in formation and, if you have a Premium Trial, you will be able to collect Training Certificates!

– If you don’t have the Premium Trial, you can still obtain Training Certificates by completing Daily Quests. If you buy the Premium Trial before the end of the season, you can get all of the accumulated certificates at once!

–  All rewards will be deleted after the event.

🐲 Added a new Vault

– Added a new Vault containing 14 rows, each of which has 6 slots!

– Each row costs a different amount of Ambers or Diamonds to unlock (The more rows you unlock, the higher the cost).

– The unlocked slots will be permanent unlocked (If your VIP has been expired, those slots will still be available after regaining your VIP).

🐲 We made some improvements, such as
 The Dragon Covenant. Here we added new options for Ancient Catacomb:  Auto Collect Divine Sapphire & Auto Collect Crystal Catacomb.

–  Hero Evolution improved
The max stage of the 6-Star Hero and the Divine Hero increased to 30.

– Max Dragon level increased to Lv. 150.



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