[Update] – Version 2.4.3

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✭ Open function – Astrolabe
Stellar Trial
New function will be available after passing the quest. ✭Demand optimization
✭ Infinite War title award optimization
✭ Optimize chat box, camp chat, private chat character length limit
✭ New mounts:
Ancient Whale Shimmering Fly

Steampunk GolemGhost ShipBlazing Warship

✓ BUG fix
1. When the copy of the shrine relics is finished and the team room is exited, the copy sidebar displays a momentary BUG.
2. Amend the numerical description of the four angel secret experience values
3. After repairing the equipment, remove the equipment and the inconsistency of the BUG
4. Fix the bug that the first time you enter the multiplayer copy invitation interface without displaying the quick invitation button
5. Fix the couple’s competition team room does not select the player click on the transfer captain to report the error and increase the prompt BUG
6. Repair the world BOSS Golden Diamond to buy a resurrection will not deduct the gold diamond but will deduct the BUG of the lucky coin on the player (provided the player has the props)
7. Repair the cemetery of the gods to get rewards without rewards animation BUG

Thank you for your support. Have a nice game!

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