[Update] – Mystical Tome

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  1. Unlocked Divine – Mystical Tome.
  2. Unlocked Magic Trial Dungeon.
  3. New Gold Goblin (Item: Basic Gold Goblin, Medium Gold Goblin, Advanced Gold Goblin, Superb Gold Goblin)

  1. Carnival Optimization: New server Goal and New server ranking
  2. New fashion:

✓ Rock guitar, rock heart, rock badge

✓ Winter sword, winter cloak, winter badge

  1. Add mounts:
    ✓ Speed Duck

✓  Demon  Cat

✓ Scarlet Ox

✓ Mr. Sparrow

✓ Divine Crane

  1. Add a new wing:

Gilding wings
Azure wingsGorgeous wings

  1. Fix the sacred – evil eye debuff in the friendly unit BUG -FIXED

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