Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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According to the old tradition, the whole family is going to a festive dinner. Everyone says thanksgiving for all the good things that have happened in his life.
Many dishes have become not only a tradition, but also a kind of holiday symbols: stuffed turkey with cranberry syrup and a big sweet pumpkin pie.

Enjoy this holiday!

💎 Rewards are available in game!

Duration: 11/25-12/2
Don’t forget to pick your Kend.

During the event, meet the requirements to claim rewards:
Fashion – Master Costume

Weapon – Master Scepter
Mount – Manic TurkeyKend can be obtained:

► battles on the battlefield

►refresh the Lucky Shop

► login bonus

► join World boss

Rewards takes place on servers that are more than 30 days from oppening.

💎  Cream of Crop 💎
Duration: 11/27-11/27

To participate in the event, you must purchase a set with items (maximum – 20 per player), which contains 1 out of 100 numbers. If at 10 p.m (server time) of the same day among the gifts you bought is the right number, you will get a special prize.

Have a good hunting!

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